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Treatment for Families

Services by Patricia Brady

Patricia Brady is the founder of these following services.

We help make the world a better place.

Guardian Ad Litem

Impartial gather of data for recommendations by:
• Individual evaluations & Family evaluations

• Other professionals information may be needed

Parent Evaluations

• Evaluate parental fitness in each parent
• Meetings with each parent

• Meetings with children and parents

Parenting Coordinator Role

• Helps assist family conflicts
• Mediation & counseling provided

• Child development possibly suggested

Child Custody Evaluation

• Interviews with family
• Interviews with relatives

• Information gathered for evaluation

Expert Services

• Contested divorces  • Family forensic matters
• Child abuse cases  • Guardianship cases of a minor
• Parent coordinating • Child custody

Court Investigations

• Designed for care & protection

• Assigned as judge's eyes & ears
• Assigned as family's voice to court

patriciabradyandassoc@gmail.com  /   (781) 350-4430   /   42 High Street - 2nd Floor, Medford, MA, 02155

Disclaimer: No legal services are provided by the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families or its personnel. The Attorney-Client Relationship does not exist between the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families and its Clients.