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What guides our approach?

◊ Offer a safe place for everyone
◊ Understanding that an individuals' identity and experiences are unique 
◊ Make efforts to better understand the context in which our clients live
◊ Meeting a client where they are comfortable
◊ Convenience of scheduling
◊ Familiar home-like setting with a kitchen, living room & playroom for counseling

In Probate and Family Courts across the Commonwealth, in increasing numbers, high conflict custody actions present themselves to the court. As a result, there has been an increasing use of the “Parenting Coordinator” to assist the high conflict family. The Parenting Coordinator ideally has familiarity with family law, mediation, conflict resolution, counseling practices, family systems, and child development. The Parenting Coordinator remains neutral and acts within the parameters set forth by the Court or Divorce/Parenting Plan, in the hopes of resolving disputes which arise between estranged parents related to their child. A Parenting Coordinator must have experience and be trained in child development so as to effectively make decisions related to visitation matters.

Our Mission

Our Mission at the Center for Achieving Balance is to support children and families in a sensitive and compassionate manner as they strive
to repair their relationships.
Overcoming adversity, building resilience, making connections – one family at a time.

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Disclaimer: No legal services are provided by the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families or its personnel. The Attorney-Client Relationship does not exist between the Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families and its Clients.