Patricia Brady & Associates

  Phone: 781-350-4430
  84 High St - Suite 8, Medford, MA 02155



We are dedicated to providing a safe neutral environment where parents and children can spend quality time together.  Our goal is to facilitate the visitation process and help families get the most out of this special time together.

The program's space is located at Patricia Brady's Office, located on 84 High Street in Suite 8 in Medford, MA.  There is a child-friendly room equipped with age appropriate toys and games affording parents and their children the opportunity for quality interaction.  The facility is situated in a safe secure building. In the case special assistance is required special accommodations can be made to accommodate the individual family's circumstance. The visitation setting is located in a safe populated neighborhood conveniently located to public transportation and free parking.

Intake Process:
Interviews are required for all parents/caretakers (guardians/custodial/non-custodial).  All interviews are scheduled separately and are conducted at Patricia Brady's Office.

Services Provided:
On-site supervised visits are provided every other Saturday, typically of 1.5 hours duration. Transportation can be arranged based on the circumstance of each case. Children are transferred 15 minutes before and after visitations to insure a positive transition for the child. Written summaries are provided of the visit process within one week of each visit and for an additional fee of $30.00 per visit note unless an order of the court dictates differently. Visits are also available during weekday, afternoon and evening hours.  Educational supervision is offered upon request.

Intake Fee:  $100.00 per hour with adults.
Supervised Visits:  $50.00 per hour for the supervision.
Report Writing:  $50.00 per hour report writing.

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