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The Center for Achieving Balance for Families & Children LLC


The Center for Achieving Balance for Children and Families, LLC was founded by Patricia Brady and Marc A. Grimaldi to implement programs designed to support children and families coping with change and overcoming adversities, with a focus on working with families where there are parent child contact difficulties. A collaborative team of clinicians is available to provide intensive services to referred children and families, and will offer ongoing counseling support as may be necessary. Treatment plans will be designed based upon the specific needs of each family.

♦ Intake with all members of the family
♦ Intake and Collaboration with outside providers
♦ Six Sessions of Parent Coaching (2 hour sessions)
♦ Individual meeting with each Parent
♦ Individual meeting with Children age 7 and older
♦ Discharge Planning and Next Steps
♦ Followup Counseling
♦ Discharge Summary
♦ Cost $2500

On-Site Supervision
Off-Site Supervision
Written Summary

Fee Schedule for Supervised Parenting Time:
Intake - $75 each family member
Supervision - $50 per hour
Written Summary - $75 flat fee
Testimony billed at hourly clinical rate

Evaluate each parental fitness
♦ Meetings with each parent
♦ Meetings with children and parents
♦ Record Review
Professional Contacts
♦ Report Preparation
♦ Trial Testimony as needed

Experienced professionals are available to facilitate mediation in a variety of areas.
Intervention through dispute resolution is designed to reduce costs, family conflict, achieve better communication and preserve balance within the family.
Our broad range of experienced professionals allow us to serve a variety of family individual types and personalities which ultimately maximizes the best outcomes for the children and families.
Our neutral mediators work hard to ensure that family crisis is averted when at all possible and that through comprehensive analysis and carefully working with all parties that all sides are given the best opportunity for successful resolutions.

Experienced professionals are available to support students, families and children of all ages who require educational advocacy. Our professionals have diversified experience from having served on local school committees and supporting children and families in education-related matters. Our support services include:
Assisting students and families when there are school suspensions and expulsions
Evaluate risk to determine the suitability of reintegration to the school community
Develop safety plans designed to support the student and assist the district in meeting the needs of the student
Advocate for the educational services including meeting with the family, reviewing IEPs, attending team meetings with a focus on concerns related to eligibility, evaluation, placement, individual education plans, special education services and procedural protections for students with disabilities.

♦ Individual
♦ Family
♦ Groups
Third Party Billing Available


Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm or by Appointment
Sunday by Appointment

Sliding Fee Scale Available at the discretion of the Director for each Service.


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