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Patricia Brady

Patricia Brady is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been performing forensic child and family evaluations for over twenty five years and has a long history in Child Welfare beginning at the Department of Social Services now the Department of Children and Families. Ms. Brady went on to serve as the Program Director, of Adoption Services at MSPCC for five years concurrently building a Private Practice in Medford, where she serves as a Guardian Ad Litem/Parent Coordinator/Evaluator and Court Investigator.
Patricia Brady has been a Consultant at MGH Law and Psychiatry since 2007 and was a Mental Health Supervisor for the Family Connections Program at Children’s Hospital for five years, in addition to her  Private Practice work conducting GAL Evaluations for the Probate and Family Courts as well as the Juvenile Court. Ms. Brady holds an undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Lesley College in Cambridge Massachusetts, a Master of Science Degree in Human Services with a Clinical Services Major from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and a Certificate in Child and Family Forensics from the Mass School of Professional Psychology. Frequently called upon to opine about permanent plans for children and to assist where disruption could or has occurred, Ms. Brady approaches all family members with a strong Family Systems background.  Over the course of the preceding twenty five years, Ms. Brady has spoken at various conferences on the issue of understanding children’s needs across development and how they experience adoption differently at different developmental times in their lives. Ms. Brady also presents at National Conferences on Engaging Families and assisting those facing Adversity and developing Resilience, as well as other Mental Health/Forensic Trainings.
Ms. Brady’s Private Practice has expanded to include a team of clinicians dedicated to supporting families as they overcome various adversities in their life. Ms. Brady has extensive experience working with high conflict child custody actions and has earned the praise of many in the field for her work and dedication.

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